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Has anyone hiked that Calf canyon fire?
New Mexico
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Beendare 30-Jun-22
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Zim 24-Mar-23
From: Beendare
I’m just curious as to the effect that that fire had on that country east of Santa Fe.

I know there was some beetle kill and down timber in there, i’m curious as to how hot that burned and where there is still a bunch of standing burned out timber or if it just burned everything down to a fine ash?

From: Beendare
Does anyone know of an outfit that will rent me a couple horses for the Pecos? Or llamas?

From: Beendare
Makes sense with no responses....The Pecos is least for the time being.

From: Oryx35
Also the fire is still burning and hasn't been fully contained.

The burn severity maps can be found here:

From: Red Sparky
I am afraid to go back to some favorite fishing spots, El Porvinir and the Gallinas over by Las Vegas. I am afraid to see what it did over there. When I was up at Whittington Center a month ago the smoke was not too bad but I guess they closed US 64 so you had to detour through Colorado.

From: Beendare
Thanks guys. I’ve seen that FS burn severity map.

It seems to me that’s going to be a big problem with silt and runoff as that is a major watershed. Is that the primary water supply for Santa Fe and surrounding areas?

Hopefully they have plans to mitigate that runoff as it will be many years before those trees come back on their own.

Bad luck me having an archery tag in that unit this year…. It looks like it’s going to be severely impacted.

From: Zim
Does anyone know how forest roads and trails are handled in cases like this? I have never had a fire significantly affect one of my hunting areas. But according to the maps I’ve seen, this fire included the entirety of the forest service road I used to drive up to the trailhead. Plus all three miles of the trail I used to hike in. I have to believe the dirt road will be highly susceptible to erosion. It’s in the Mora area, up towards Jicarita Peak/Serpent Lake. I applied for both elk & deer up there in the Pecos. Thanks

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