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Unit 49A01 Any Deer Tag
South Dakota
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So I am a hunter from MN. I have been applying for points for a few years in SD. I was able to draw West River Deer Hunt 11/12 - 11/27. I know this is an archery site and i am primarily and archery hunter but this is a rifle hunt (I mean i could use archery equipment i think). I am looking for any recommendations on a semi guided hunt. I am not experienced in western hunts. Thanks everyone. Unit is 49A

From: grizzly63
Google Western SD guides. You'll find someone. Good luck. I really dont know if they offer semi guided hunts, but you could ask. Dakota Safari comes to mind. You could always hunt up the public. I think there is a bunch there. Never hunted it but good luck anyway.

Thanks for the note. I appreciate the response.

From: grizzly63
Sorry. looked up your unit, not much public at all.

Yeah very little public to speak of at all

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