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Unit 50 2nd archery
New Mexico
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Elkman66 05-Jul-22
Mew'n 30-Jul-22
El Duende 24-Sep-22
From: Elkman66
Hello I got a unit 50 tag for 2nd archery any pointers? Looks like we got some rain this year. Will it hold till then? I’m planning to hunt pot mountain

From: Mew'n
I’ve only hunted it once, and never saw an elk. There was lots of sign on Pot mountain, but the elk were all high towards the top. I spent 4 hours hiking up , thick brush where you can’t stand up. Tough hunt. All of the tanks were dry that year which pushed them out of most areas. It’s super wet this year so you may have more luck.

From: El Duende
Hope you got into them. It’s actually a nice little mountain I’ve hunted many times, and an easy draw. The meadows up top are where you’ll find them. Generally skirting the oak that is sparse and in patches. Not sure about 4 hours up as it generally has taken me about 1.5 to hit the mid-level meadows with longer views and plenty of options to jockey. It’s a great second choice, though can be a bit hot these days on the first hunt. Lotsa folks poo-poo it but I’ve seen herds nearing a hundred before. I’m not in here much but if you get it again drop me a line and I may be able to dial you closer.

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