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Bamboo Backed Bow Making Instructor Need
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Bob 26-Jul-22
buckeye 04-Aug-22
From: Bob

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Bamboo Backed Bow Class
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Bamboo Backed Bow Class
I own the Woodcraft Store in Columbus OH. For a number of years, Tom Turgeon would fly from Idaho and teach six students how to complete his Bamboo Backed Long Bow kit. The cost became prohibitive. We had another individual here in Ohio pick up some classes but his health does not allow him to continue. We have found a source for Bamboo Backed kits from 3 Rivers Archery, but we need an instructor. Class size is normally 6 students. If there is interest, call me at 614-273-0488 or email me at [email protected]

From: buckeye
That's cool Bob, I wish I had the time to help out. The woodcraft store in Centerville has a few of my dollars! I am always looking at the classes available but haven't yet had the time to get involved. I hope you find someone to lead the class.

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