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Moisture around Nogal
New Mexico
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Dale06 21-Aug-22
huntabsarokee 22-Aug-22
Dale06 22-Aug-22
Muddyboots 23-Aug-22
ohiohunter 31-Aug-22
From: Dale06
I’ll be elk hunting private land around Nogal starting Sept 15. Anyone know the moisture situation there? Thanks


Look at the local weather in Ruidoso from over the weekend. They had sever flash flooding so they got some moisture. Everything I have heard from that area is its green and wet.

From: Dale06
Will do, thanks.

From: Muddyboots
Bring hip boots if the season starts tomorrow! By Sept. 15'th could be a different scene.

From: ohiohunter
Gavalin canyon had 2 turd floating floods this year. The past few weeks SE NM has gotten more rain than I’ve ever seen. The pecos shut down 285 and 70 for the first time since the 60/70’s.

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