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Whitetail Antlerless Tags in Region 6.
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From: Whitney
So, I just got the forecast for the upcoming season in my e-mail.. here's what they're doing in region 6 (quoted from the FWP) "White-tailed deer densities saw a decline following another significant epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) that occurred mainly on the eastern portion of the region in the Culbertson area along the Missouri River.

“Scattered pockets of EHD were also observed along the Milk River from Glasgow to Malta and out on the prairie habitats in the eastern portion of the region,” added Williamson.

The 2022 survey showed white-tailed deer density averages of 7.3 deer-per-square mile across the deer trend areas, which is 31 percent below the long-term average of 10.6 deer-per-square mile."

Then further down they state: "Obtaining antlerless deer B licenses

Antlerless whitetail B licenses will again be available for over-the-counter purchase, with a limit of four per hunter. These licenses are valid across all of Region 6 to allow hunters to use the license where whitetail numbers may be higher."

So, numbers are down but they increase the antlerless tags to 4 per person? FWP makes me absolutely nuts with stuff they do like this. It makes no sense whatsoever. Once again we will be invaded by the hordes of hunters from Washington. I've written the FWP on this, but as always, there was no reply.. I wish all of the big wigs in Helena were elected so we could vote them out!!!

From: sbschindler
its not really about wildlife management its mostly about generating money, got to feed the machine

From: sbschindler
In 2011 the Milk River lost 97% of its whitetail population account EHD, we pleaded with the FWP to stop selling white tail doe tags over the counter but to no avail, they didn't and wouldn't listen then,, its only been getting worse.

From: Bowhunter81
What’s crazy is their original proposal was 6. They ‘compromised’ at 4 I suspect after much negative feedback. The logic on historical tag purchases seemed flawed. And to further support it, they’re reducing the spread of CWD. Which will continue to be the justification of herd reduction (decimation?) going forward.

From: montnatom
I checked a couple of my hunting areas in eastern Montana in the last week. Alfalfa pivots were empty of whitetails, last year I would see 50 or so. The lack of localized management will (again) cause recovery to take 5 or 6 years instead of 2.

From: Whitney
I wrote the F&G about a couple of my concerns and this was one of them... There are areas in North Blaine County that have been wiped out...probably a combination of EHD and the massive numbers of non-residents and hunters from western Montana.. North Blaine County has a huge block mgt. unit, which of course, draw hunters life flies.. There were never a lot of whitetails there, but there were pockets of deer here and there... Those pockets of whitetails are gone.. I haven't seen a whitetail in some of the areas I hunt in at least 5 years. There are a lot of whitetails here in the Milk River Valley, but access is very, very difficult..

I understand it's all about money and non-residents don't seem to mind paying for the antlerless tags.

Region 6 is larger than all of the New England states combined, but it's managed as one unit for whitetails... makes no sense at all. What might make sense in one part of the region makes no sense at all in other parts. Don't we have hunting districts within the regions for a reason?

I'll keep writing the FWP even though they never respond.. Maybe if enough people complain long and loud enough something will change.

By the way, our local game wardens call North Blaine County "Little Tacoma"... He said you know it's bad when the Minnesota hunters are complaining about all of the Washington hunters!!!

From: ultimag
and those Montana hunters that are complaining about all the Washington plates are transplants from the east or west coast

From: sbschindler
not this one

From: ultimag
Whitney 90% of Montana sportsman don't see anything wrong with the current state of Montana wildlife ,6 month seasons or pounding mule deer in the rut until. that changes nothing else will either

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