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From: Shaft2Long
Anybody drowning the No tag blues with chasing bears?

After years of thinking about it I finally did it yesterday. Had a great time. Overcast most of the day, everything was green. Blew a stalk on a really nice red bear. I need a phone scope or something similar for proof of this stuff.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone was out chasing them.

From: smarba
I have! I discovered a heavy bear trail leading to a wallow. Sat a few times. Scared a few bears as they approached by making mistakes - they were skittish! But I killed a big one! I've only killed one other and it was delicious, hopefully this one will be the same.

From: Oryx35
Congrats! I look forward to reading the story.

From: JSW
That's my story for this September. No elk or September deer tag. I have a Colorado bear tag and have been out twice. Seeing lots of bears but haven't found a big one yet. It's always exciting being close to bears, even if they are on the small side. Good luck.

From: smarba

smarba's embedded Photo
Big bear!
smarba's embedded Photo
Big bear!

smarba's Link
Click link to my long-winded story, hope you enjoy following along. Carl

From: Oryx35
Fantastic story as usual!

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