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Disease Surveillance Area (DSA)
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Zim 11-Sep-22
Old Reb 16-Sep-22
Old Reb 17-Sep-22
Zim 17-Sep-22
From: Zim
Curious, anyone make it out this weekend for the early opener in the DSA? I made one sit in Hardin county and only saw a spike. Curious if anyone is hearing of any bucks hitting the ground.

From: Old Reb
A friends son hunted in Wyandot County I believe. Heard no reports of him tagging anything. I know some guys were all excited about having the chance at a buck still in velvet.

From: Old Reb
I saw over on Archery Talk that a fellow has pics posted of a velvet buck he shot last weekend in the DSA. He said he got it on public land so I imagine it was at Kildeer Plains WLMA.

From: Zim
Thanks, Reb. Really appreciate the follow-up. Interesting to see how they got it done. That mount will turn into a cool piece of history if in years to come Ohio reverts to their historical standard of opening the season later.

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