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From: live2hunt88
I live in Oklahoma but have been trying to help my younger brother get into bow hunting. I’m coming up this weekend to help him set out two old trail cameras I’m giving him. He lives in northern KC,MO I’ve been doing some e scouting looking around McGee CA. I’ve read smithville gets hammered so I’m hoping to get him on something with a little less pressure. I’m not asking for honey holes just curious if I’m on the right track taking him in there. Is there good deer numbers ? It’s archery only is that an advantage to less pressure ? He’s never killed anything with a bow so I’m hoping to just get him a doe or two this year. Anything else would just be icing on the cake. Thanks fellas

From: LTG 11
I live in KC. Smithville and most of the big areas within 1.5 hours of kc will get a lot of pressure. Most of it is on the weekends and then during "the rut" everything gets lots of attention an out of state pressure.

Earlier in the season can be good during the week, especially if you find unconventional areas. corps of engineer land, waterfowl area, or other places that are archery only. OnX has ruined some of them, but there are good spots if you look hard enough.

Also, not sure where he lives or who he knows. But lots of people have family land and might let a young bowhunter take a doe or whatever. Ask around at school or work.

From: Hoyt
Ow hunting question Looking to see how much pressure northern Mo conservations areas get. Late October early November.

They get pounded...

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