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Coyotes killing turkeys
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Pat Lefemine 29-Sep-22
Old Reb 30-Sep-22
btnbuck 30-Sep-22
From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
As if Ohio turkeys don’t have enough problems.

From: Old Reb
It doesn't surprise me. Are you sure it's a turkey? Looks a little too brown to me. Could be a young hen. Is this the only pic you got?

From: btnbuck
I was at my buddies place in Carroll co several years ago hunting. When we came down to the house late one morning, there was a mature Tom turkey laying dead in the back yard and feathers scattered around. We looked it over as it was still warm and it had bite marks all over it. We surmised that a coyote killed it and we must’ve scared it off before he could tear into it.

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