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Best bowhunts for mule deer in CO
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MooseMartin 09-Oct-22
Firsty 09-Oct-22
yooper89 10-Oct-22
MooseMartin 10-Oct-22
Mathewsshooter 10-Oct-22
Brun 13-Oct-22
Jaquomo 17-Oct-22
Bandicooter 17-Oct-22
From: MooseMartin
If your grandma proposes to buy you a landowner tag in any unit in Colorado, with the condition that it has to be a bowhunt, where would you go? I don't care if it's not worth the points, or the money in this case, just what is the most fun bowhunt for mule deer in the state? I know, Colorado isn't what it used to be, those hunts are not worth it, blablabla... We're just talking, where can a guy have some fun and see plenty of deer, even if they are not 190 inchers.

From: Firsty
Idaho. Seriously.

From: yooper89
How much does an landowner deer tag run? I'd probably want to do an eastern plains hunt if it were me but I guess it depends on what you're into.

From: MooseMartin
I just want a fun DIY hunt on public land. Getting on stalks as often as possible on decent bucks. Don't care about the score.

Alberta Canada

From: Brun
There are many units in Colorado where you can see a lot of deer and have a fun hunt as long as you're not obsessed with killing a huge one. Check Huntin Fool and Hunters Domain next spring and see what tags they have available. Depending on price you should have a number of options that meet your stated criteria. Good luck.

From: Jaquomo
All landowner vouchers are good for the private land for which they are issued (except for some illegal "wink, wink" deals). With very few exceptions, the private land will be better hunting than the public.

If you plan to hunt the mountain units in September, be SURE the area has deer when you are hunting. Sometimes ranches get vouchers to sell but may not have deer there until late in the fall.

Colorado deer hunting has been systematically wrecked by bad CPW policies, and getting worse. I would look at a different state.

From: Bandicooter
I'd pick a place with junipers that gives someone stalking cover. The canyons of SE Colorado come to mind.

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