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From: DAVranch

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Is super important when you are a hypocrite.

From: THP
"Then Vardaman wanted Gittleson to move on from emergency-response mode, which mostly entailed keeping watch for wolves, to long-term stockmanship strategies that she said would make the cows less vulnerable to predators by teaching them not to run but to circle up, their hind ends to the center" These pro wolf people are freaking delusional!!

From: Grasshopper
I wouldn't be surprised if we are having illegal releases, these folks are just that mentally ill.

Talked to a WY buddy last night. His rancher friend said all the cow/calf pairs come off Summer range considerably lighter since wolves. Also said round up is harder because they bunch up when being pushed and are harder to get moving.

From: cnelk

From: Aspen Ghost
I sympathize with the rancher but does he really think that an attractant scent put on a rock is creating the wolf problem? At best it can cause a wolf to move 100 yards to investigate the odor. It certainly didn't bring wolves to Colorado, or to a county, or to a ranch.

I don't understand why there is a $100,000 fine for shooting a wolf that is harassing his stock. While wolves are uncommon in Colorado, they are no longer truly endangered in the US. Every state should be able to establish a hunting season to support that states population goals and allow for dispatching wolves that are harassing livestock.

From: Longcruise
I'm having trouble with the Meeker incident. Eighteen calves killed!!?? It doesn't seem like wolf behavior. Once one calf is down it would seem like it's dinner time. Furthermore, the incident is over ten days old and so far (as I know) the investigation hasn't arrived at any conclusions. It seems like there is more to the story yet to be determined.

From: Ermine
Longcruise. Wolves have been known to kill for fun. Predators don’t always kill for food and don’t always kill the sick and old contrary to what people think

From: cnelk

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Longcruise - see link

The only odd part about the Meeker story I see is the first we know about this pack is this story.

From: Longcruise
Yes I agree some predators do kill for the sake of killing. Note that cnelk's link notes that these killing sprees are rare among wolves. Then there is the sudden appearance of a pack at Meeker. All that and the apparent inability of investigators to come to a conclusion leaves me uncertain about the whole incident. Time will tell. I'm not one bit personally vested, just like puzzle pieces to fit.

From: thill
Not really funny, but think about it. They want to change or train thousands of cattle instead of changing a couple of packs of wolves behavior. Without giving the ranchers whom are catching and seeing the wolves due the exact behavior they are trying to avoid a lethal means - this mess and mistake will only continue.

per the cattle that were found dead near Meeker, the follow possible disease in being investigated as part of the reason for some of the deaths. Recent reports is that 33 cattle were found dead within a 1.5 mile area. Wolves, disease, all or in part is the question being examined.

Bovine high-mountain disease is a condition that occurs in cattle pastured at high altitude. Low oxygen saturation in the air leads to pulmonary hypertension, with subsequent edema in ventral tissues of the chest and abdomen.

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