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MCAAP 2022
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hawg 18-Oct-22
canepole 19-Oct-22
SoDakSooner 21-Oct-22
From: hawg
I started this thread last year but this year I have a different reason to post. I have a request to throw out there besides the normal "post your results".

I found a new spot (to me) in Hominy last year, had several close encounters with good bucks and shot a doe which got me the golden ticket to return this year. (Nov. 3-6) It may be the best "killing tree" that I've ever found on that place and I would like to go back to it.

The problem is that I will be by myself and possibly can't drive due to gear that I'll have with me that cannot go into the hunt area. I'll be "camping" in my truck.

I'm looking for someone to ride with that is hunting Hominy that weekend, that doesn't have a spot in mind and would gamble on me and my area....or....I'm requesting to "camp" next to someone that wouldn't mind me stashing some stuff at their camp if I choose to drive my truck into the hunt area.

I've leaned on "bowsiters" before with good results and am trying once again...Thanks

BTW...feel free to post anything else MCAAP 2022 on this thread. :)

From: canepole
hawg, I was guided to the "McAlester Army Ammunition Plant Traditional Hunt" site where there's a wealth of info (thanks again Rick). There's a number of great guys going on all the different dates at all three areas. It's a good way of trying to set up with some other hunters before game day. Good luck and send some pics.

From: SoDakSooner
There's a facebook group too if you partake in that exercise.

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