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Rut intensity.
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Bent arrow 29-Oct-22
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JusPassin 21-Oct-23
From: Bent arrow
How is rut progressing with the warmer weather? Seeing lots of buck movement in s iowa.

I have seen only small bucks. The weather is unseasonably warm. Looking forward to the weather changing later this week and then rut should be strong.

From: t-roy
Slow so far NW of DSM.

I haven't been seeing much movement up here as far as seeking/chasing. I've seen some big deer shot around the county though so they must be doing some moving. I also foresee the rain and weather change to spark things off. Typically had good luck after a rain when the bucks come to freshen up rubs and scrapes.

From: jjs
A friend of mine cell phone has been going off since the cold front came through, he is a taxidermist and is starting to turn away heads, surprising the number of calls on walleyes also which he turn down, going into retirement with a select clients to do the work.

From: TonyBear
Just in case she is still looking..

From: JusPassin

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