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Whitetail rut
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Velvet Muley 10-Nov-22
ultimag 10-Nov-22
SmokedTrout 11-Nov-22
ultimag 11-Nov-22
SBH 15-Nov-22
From: Velvet Muley
Anyone seeing the rut kick off yet and what part of the state?

From: ultimag
they need to take rifle season out of the rut, the mule deer herds in Montana just can't handle it & with ehd taking a toll in the whitetails across the state something needs to be done to give the deer & elk a break shorten the rifle season to 3 weeks in October and include muzzleloader

From: SmokedTrout
Whitetails are going bonkers here near Missoula. This cold front really kicked things in. Seems like a pretty good year for antlers from what I've seen so far, but I haven't seen "The One" yet

Good luck!

From: ultimag
I'll give Misysoula county 1 thing they definitely produce some nice whitetails my wife & i did well in units130 & 270 for deer & elk (both hunts were private land) it was great. ending to what will be our last year of big game hunting after spending 35 yrs chasing big game through out the u. s & canada

From: SBH
What Ultimag said^^^^^^^ above regarding season dates is spot on

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