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How long until Grizzlies?
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From: P&Y400
I’m guessing in the next ten years we have on the ballot an initiative to bring back Grizzlies into this state. With all the tree hugger/animal rights activists flooding our state I believe it is just a matter of time.

From: Longcruise
Probably will try but unlike the message that wolves will eat your children, the message that griz will eat your whole family will ring true. All in all, id rather have griz than wolves.

From: Aspen Ghost
Well the wolves have the western slope so we better release griz on the front range so the wolves aren't impacted. Maybe the Boulder area. Lots of purse dogs there for a food supply.

What is next for Colorado? 1. Wolverines and then 2. free range Bison

From: grasshopper
I always thought next up would be the ban on any type of predator hunts, but with the money they have, who knows, maybe they run several at the same time.

Presidential election is two years out, look for the petition crew to come soon to the zoo and grocery stores near u

From: P&Y400
Yah, with neighboring states having big populations of wolves and grizzlies I can just imagine there are special interest groups who will not quit until all native species are roaming around in our Rocky Mountains. It’s just too predictable given our radically earthy political mindset these days.

From: Ermine
I’d rather have grizzly than wolves personally

From: Orion
What's next is the banning of bobcat trapping and lion hunting. They have tried both of those before so I am sure it will be a huge push on the 2024 ballot. I would love to get grizzlies the public ground would be a lot less crowded after a few yuppies get munched

After this election there isn't much in the way of getting all sorts of terrible things in place. They know CO is blue enough to get legislative or ballot issues passed and the risk of consequences is low.

From: PECO2
Next is more dead beat dirty drain on society hippies. Let's decriminalize psychedelic shrooms, what could possibly go wrong? Have we learned nothing from legalizing weed?

From: goelk
Free range bison be cool

From: samman
I like the Bison idea. Then people won't have to go all the way to Yellowstone to get gored by one.

From: Longcruise
Yeah, and no more fences to crawl under. They would be all knocked down.

From: azelkhntr

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From: RDHunts
Bison are already entering the state of Colorado from Utah. Also I have heard there is suppose to some Bison in another part of the state. I think I would rather have Bison over Wolves and Grizzly bears in our state.

From: trkytrack
Doesn't really matter. Enjoy hunting for as long as possible because their coming after you and your sport. Just look at the makeup of the legislature, the wildlife commission, the CPW, the Governor. You don't stand a chance. Everyday this state becomes more and more California. Really sad.

From: Surfbow
I'm with Ermine, grizzlies>wolves

Siberian Tigers should do well in the mountains. Just a thought!!!!!!

From: PECO2
Would caribou survive here in the wild? Just a thought after getting this in the mail yesterday.

From: PECO2

PECO2's embedded Photo
PECO2's embedded Photo

Here is your answer: :) According to the article, there are 304 Caribou Coffee locations in the United States, 64% of them in the United States. Minnesota has 184 of these. According to the article, caribou and wolverines do not exist in Minnesota, but can be found in Canada. The only wild herds of caribou in the United States are located in Idaho, eastern Washington, and British Columbia, Canada. Caribou Coffee Company was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1992.

From: Jaquomo
A big caribou bull got loose out near Greeley and ended up getting hit by a train some years ago. I saw the photos. I'm not sure they ever found the source of the escape.

Back in the '80s there were a number of fallow deer that also escaped and were roaming around near Sterling. Since they weren't considered game animals, they could be shot on sight. And they were, but it took a couple years to wipe them out.

For those your you dragging your feet on lions you better get after it. All that wolf organization won't sit around twiddling their thumbs high fiving each other...lion hunting is next on the agenda.

On the first day of the Colorado Legislature's 2022 session, a bill (SB22-031) that would ban hunting lion, bobcat, and lynx was introduced in the Senate with sponsorship of four Legislators. The bill was referred to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee where it awaits a hearing.

Many Colorado Sportsman's organizations banded together and contacted their Legislators and Committee members and this bill lost 3 of the 4 sponsors and did not make it out committee.

The question might be, will this bill show up again in the future? The odds might be 99.9 percent it will, but just in another form and most likely, one of the above animals at a time.

From: Jaquomo
It will show up as a referendum to ban all take of lions and bobcats. And it will pass. CO is so screwed.

From: Bent arrow
Look to the nw. Washi gton is screwed. The people on their wildlife committee don't give a rat about your hunting rts. Have said so. Eliminated spring bear. Ur state (co) is headed the same way. Enjoy ur hunting. Will b goin away before u know it. Randy Newberg has a great podcast on this. Elk talk.

From: PECO2
Grizzlys will come after all the pets are eaten up in Nederland.


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