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Region 1 Wolf Hunting
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Jeck 14-Nov-22
SBH 15-Nov-22
From: Jeck

I know this isnt exactly bowhunting related, but I am trying to help the deer and elk population so there are some deer and elk left to bowhunt in the area, so I thought this was a good place to ask!

I am heading out to Region 1 at the end of December to try calling in another wolf. I will be hunting the Eureka to Whitefish to Libby triange area. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, i would appreciate if you would pm me any sightings or good areas to look for wolves and I will see if I can call one in again! I was out in the area in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, I did call in a 103 lb male and was able to shoot him. In 2018, I had one back in the trees growling, barking, and howling at me... but he wouldnt give me a look at him. Any help leading up to my hunt would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

From: SBH
I'm no help for you in that area but good luck and thanks for getting after them. I'd go back to those same spots you had success before. Find the elk if there are any left out that way. Good luck!

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