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When you tell your Grandkids you hunted on Mt Evans, they may have no idea where you mean.

From: Stix

From: JDM
I think I'll call it blue sky so no one knows where I'm talking about. Then, after it catches on, I'll go back to referring to it as Mt Evans.

From: cnelk
I don’t think anyone quite calling Mile High stadium - Mile High. Instead of Invesco Field at Mile High.

From: Nock
Really hoping for Mt. Rainbows & Unicorns.

From: kscowboy
Wait until they find out that Chivington, CO (unincorporated) and Chivington Reservoir exist...

Colorado was named by the Spanish conquistadors. They murdered raped and enslaved people so I guess they need to change that too. So dumb

I was discussing this with a woke relative. I showed her a painting of a civil war battle on my phone and asked her which side would be the "good guys". She said the Union.

I showed her a painting of Sand Creek that happened 2 years later and her answer was different.

Guess who was leading the troops both times?

Erasing history isn't the answer. We need to learn from the good and the bad and use some context when praising or damning people who lived in a different time.

I wonder what they will name Ft. Collins, named after Colonel Collins of Ohio, who was in charge of Ft. Laramie and then Camp Collins in LaPorte in 1870s. His duty was to protect the settlers from Indian raids which he did, and a few Indians died. He was in the area when the Sand Creek raid happened but not under his control.

From: Ermine
Colorado is a Liberal cesspool

From: Jaquomo
The goal of wokeness is the death of our American culture and society by a thousand cuts. Ending Thanksgiving will soon be at the top of the list. This disease makes COVID seem like sniffles.

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