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Governor's interview
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8point 27-Nov-22
cnelk 27-Nov-22
grasshopper 27-Nov-22
Surfbow 29-Nov-22
[email protected] 30-Nov-22
Jaquomo 30-Nov-22
From: 8point
I was surprised watching Meet The Press this morning that your governor was pretty neutral when questioned about the need for additional gun control.

From: cnelk

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From: grasshopper
Going national, will polis run for president? Don't rule it out.

From: Surfbow
He's just prepping his future talking points for his presidential run...

He runs as moderate and gets independent voters and never Trumper Republicans. If he runs for President he will likely continue what works so no surprise to see him position himself as moderate.

From: Jaquomo
You can bet your house he will sign the gun control bills this warped legislature puts in front of him in the next four years. Be ready for all sorts of draconian new laws.

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