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2023 McCall unit, elk bow hunt info
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Amberjack255 05-Dec-22
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Cheesehead Mike 28-Dec-22
Beendare 09-Jan-23
Cheesehead Mike 10-Jan-23
From: Amberjack255
Just wondering what the general outlook of the McCall elk unit is? I have Bow hunted numerous western states for elk. This will be my first time to Idaho. Any info would be great. Thanks much in advance.

From: Birdman
Most people who have hunted Idaho are too pissed to talk for a while

Hunted there back in 2002 and 2006 and killed a bull there in '06. I've heard from reliable sources that the wolves are so numerous there now that elk numbers have declined severely and it's an extremely difficult hunt. I waited in line online most of the day on 12/1 to get an Idaho tag. When I finally got through most tags were sold out but there were McCall tags left. I chose to pass based on the info I had, even though I'm familiar with the area and have been successful there in the past. Good luck.

From: Beendare
I bowhunted it many years ago…wolf tracks in every canyon.

Count on the Elk having changed their habits. For example, they don’t bugle as much. Thus I would use glass more.

When wolves move in the elk move out…so lace up your boots as you will probably have to cover a lot of drainages to find the one they are in. Once you find them, there will be more….don’t leave that drainage if you screw one up.

Last time I was there I watched a helicopter and a Piper Super Cub working in tandem eliminating some wolves. I'm thinking it was the feds but not sure...

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