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Who else has a CO bow hunter card
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whipranger 13-Dec-22
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whipranger 14-Dec-22
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Rock 14-Dec-22
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Boris 30-Dec-22
standswittaknife 06-Jan-23
From: whipranger
Applying for Alaska and have to enter my Bowhunter education card number . And it made me wonder how many have one from CO. I remember taking it when I was like12-14. There was talk about making it mandatory but it never took off.

From: cnelk
I do - for the same reason you're applying in Alaska

From: whipranger
I can remember taking the class in like ‘92

From: Paul@thefort
Yep, did it, just like Hunter ED, even though I did not have to because of birth date.

From: PECO2
I have a reissued hardcopy from Pa. I originally took the course in the mid 70's and had the card reissued around 2008ish.

From: tramper
I took the course in Minnesota in the 90s.

From: Schwammerl
I have mine - took the class from fantastic teachers - Dennis and Dave!

From: Rock
I have one and use to also help teach the classes.

From: Ziek
Yep. Took the course when first available in CO.

From: bowyer45
i and my grandson have one, thought it was a good Idea.

From: Jaquomo
Yes, sure do., so I don't need a fire drill to hunt a state that requires it. Took mine from Dennis and Dave too, and was flattered that they asked me to teach part of the class.

From: Bowaddict
Got one same time my son took the course. He needed it for Nebraska, and I figured it would be good to also get one just in case.

From: OldFart
Me too, took a long time ago!

From: tradi-doerr
Yes, took it when they first started doing them here in Colorado. Kurt Keskimaki (sp) was one of the instructors.

From: MathewsMan
My daughter wanted to so we did it together about 14 years ago now

From: whipranger
My dad and I took it when it was first available . Our instructors were Ted Grover and I Think Mike Cone.

From: Mathewsphone
Yes back when it was first offered Dennis Hanson Dave culter

From: Dirty D
I do. Another Dennis and Dave graduate!

From: Foxwillkill
Not one from Co. Mine is from Alaska when I lived there.

From: sheds
Took it with my boys probably 20 years ago, Kurt Keskamaki and Dave Meineke we’re the instructors .

From: tinman
Pretty sure I took it with Rock at Bob's Archery. Maybe 1998 or so.

Took it with Dave and Dennis when I went to Alaska to hunt with Big Dan years ago.

From: MHB
I do, Took it with Don Biesecker and Mitch Arnold. Then decided to become a Hunter ED instructor and got my Bow Hunter Ed instructor certification.

As others have said I didn't want to have a rodeo on my hands if I ever went to Alaska or Canada.

From: yooper89
Umm is that a requirement? Have one for Nebraska

From: Glunt@work
I don't. Took the instructor course while at a Church camp hunt in Nebraska but had to bail out for a work trip before completing.

Haven't done a restricted weapon hunt in AK, only deer on Kodiak but getting a card is on my to-do list.

From: KHunter
Have one from NM

From: whipranger
No I just wondered if many guys in Co had taken it. Like I said when it first became available there was talk about making it mandatory, but then it just died out. I hadn’t heard about it for years so I was curious if many had it.

This was just a fun pointless topic

I’m sure the original takers have low numbers like my dads and mine, and I know they weren’t given out in order. Ours are essentially 3-0s and 3-digits.

My next question is how high up are they now?

From: Treeline
Took it back in the 90’s. Was required to hunt Fort Carson and Pinyon Canyon. Looking at my card, it was issued 6/10/1995 and my number is BOW017440. It’s a reissue so not sure what my original number was or if it was the same.

From: Kurt
Was fun teaching it….got certified as an instructor by Tink Nathan and Bill Wadsworth over in Grand Junction, CO. Was 1976. Taught from then until I “retired” after 30 yrs of Hunter Ed and Bowhunter Ed instruction in 2006. Glad to see a few even remember taking the course!

From: goelk
I did it

From: Nock
My boys and I are Dennis and Dave grads! Used to need one for youth turkey hunts in NE.

From: Boris
Took mine in 1968 in Penna. Was one of the first in the Commonwealth to get it. Still have it. Also, took it with my kids. Like Lou said, I was also asked to do the archery part. I started it off by hanging from the rafters in a full body harness. Man, the look on their faces. But it got the point across.

I have it.. needed it for Ak in 2009

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