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They stopped moving in this heat
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Pat Lefemine 30-Dec-22
Old Reb 31-Dec-22
goyt 04-Jan-23
Pat Lefemine 04-Jan-23
Zbone 04-Jan-23
CAS_HNTR 05-Jan-23
From: Pat Lefemine
I had several mature bucks on their feet in daylight last week during the bitter cold but that all came to an end with 60 degree temps. They are nocturnal with very limited movement - at least on my ground.

How about you??

From: Old Reb
We had one daylight pic of a nice buck during the cold snap. We don't own the land so we don't have the control that you do. It is the norm for most big bucks to return to being nocturnal once the rut winds down where we hunt. I did take advantage of the mild weather and did some doe population control last Thursday.

From: goyt
I pulled some CD cards on Monday. At least one had not been pulled since 10/4. It looks like I killed the dominate buck on 11/14. I think that that significantly increase all buck movement including daylight movement. There was a significant increase in buck activity in the immediate area where the buck was shot with at least one nice new buck showing up and another returning. It is hard to determine what caused the increase in daylight movement. However there was a lot of daylight movement during the cold weather around the beginning of December. There would be 3 bucks in a .4 acre plot chasing does around. The cold weather around Christmas saw an increase in daytime movement but nothing like the movement in early December which could have been caused by a hot doe. Since the warm weather deer pictures have dropped way down. It probably got too hot for them to move much.

From: Pat Lefemine
It's still dead here. No new bucks, and the mature, resident bucks are moving in the middle of the night only.

From: Zbone
Behind the house there was a lot of daytime activity on Dec 18th and 19th, kind of a flurry, I think there might have been a hot doe back there then... Then the coyotes moved in on the 20th, and another different coyote caught on backfield trail cam on the 22nd... The frigid temps hit on December 23 and and very little activity in the back field since, but believe that has to do with the coyotes...

Pretty slow all around for me. I have picked up some nice bucks, couple real big ones, sporadically - but no pattern.

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