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CBA BOD statement per OTC tags
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[email protected] 21-Jan-23
Ursman 22-Jan-23
Longcruise 22-Jan-23
The Colorado Bowhunters Association (CBA) is fully aware of the presentation made at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commision Board on 1/17/23. During this meeting, the Commission presented the possibility of eliminating over the counter (OTC) Archery tags, for all units and for both residents and non-residents. There have been numerous responses already received from members of the CBA regarding displeasure with the presentation, however, we are asking for your patience until we have an opportunity to discuss our plan of action and make a public statement. This topic will be discussed during our next CBA board meeting on 2/3/23. The opinion of our members is extremely valuable and we will be conducting a survey to collect information prior to making our statement or speaking with CPW. Part of our Missions at the CBA has always been to maintain opportunities for bowhunters state wide. Please watch for more details in the coming weeks, including this important survey.

From: Ursman
Suggest an emergency meeting of the BOD given the importance of an effective response.

From: Longcruise
I feel like it's heading toward a compromise that is the true objective of CPW. Either way, we lose! 8>(

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