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CO License allocation and more to be
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To be considered at the March Commission meeting. Your comments are encouraged, Act now! DENVER - Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering changes to policies and regulations that direct the distribution of big game hunting licenses in Colorado. To help inform this process, CPW is looking for input from residents and nonresidents interested in big game hunting in Colorado.

CPW is encouraging the public to complete this comment form and share their thoughts on the current big game license distribution process. The comment form will be open through February 20, 2023. Results from this comment form will be shared with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to inform their decision-making process on big game license distribution.

Changes that are being considered: A preference point banking system Averaging group applicant preference points Updating the high-demand hunt code split from 80% to residents and 20% to nonresidents to 90% for residents and 10% for nonresidents An across-the-board license allocation of 75% to residents and 25% to nonresidents These topics under consideration were requested by the CPW Commission. The results of the comment form will be discussed with the Commission at its March 15-16, 2023 meeting.

Comment form on the CPW website in E-News

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