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From: 70lbDraw
Gentlemen, my apologies for the off topic.

I’m considering a job in Louisville CO. Is there any reasonably priced housing within an hour of there?

Thanks in advance! Bryan

From: Jaquomo
Depends on what you consider "reasonably". Firestone or Ft Lupton, maybe? Housing prices on the Front Range are high the closer you are to the cities. Brighton is within an hour. Zillow will be your best resource.

East of I-25 helps on pricing but straight East from Louisville is close enough to people working in Denver metro to keep prices high.

From: Sandbrew
Bryan- One other factor to consider- Housing is pretty tight in that area because a large fire that took out over 1000 homes in late Dec 2021. The area has not been rebuilt yet. From Updated numbers of destroyed or damages structures (as of January 6, 2022) are:

Residential Structures

City of Louisville: 550 structures destroyed, 43 structures damaged; actual value* of residential damage is approximately $229,199,184 Town of Superior: 378 structures destroyed, 58 structures damaged; actual value of residential damage is approximately $152,757,462 Unincorporated Boulder County: 156 structures destroyed, 48 damaged; actual value of residential damage is approximately $131,255,944

I've bought and sold a few homes in the area in the last few years. PM me for some details if you want. Sandbrew

From: Grasshopper
27-Jan-23 is off the northern CO mls. Im not a zillow fan.

As a general rule, east of I-25 is priced less then west. Anywhere is Boulder county is insane.

If you want to build, I have a 5 acre tract for sale just north of the Boulder county line in Larimer county, pretty much abutting the foothills a few miles SE of Carter Lake off CR4.

From: Hank_S
Bryan, I live in Louisville (or building a house there) and the above comments are all true! Louisville/Lafayette/Erie are quite pricy because of their location close to Boulder. You'll find better values in the Firestone/Frederick area. Also, the politics of Boulder county are very progressive.

From: azelkhntr
Bad time to buy anywhere today.

From: SBC
No offense 70lb, but why would anyone transfer from ID to CO?

Colorado, especially the Denver/Boulder metro area is now California 2.0

From: Westy
Hey Bryan - I am a realtor in the Denver metro. Be happy to give you an idea of what you'd be looking at. We've seen about an 80% rise in buyer activity over the last couple of weeks, so it is getting pretty busy again. Had a nice lull that was beneficial for all in my opinion. Seems to be ending. No strings attached - just happy to help. [email protected]

From: 70lbDraw
Hey thanks fellas!

I’ve been in ID for about 6 years now. Cost of living is high and wages are below average. The outdoor opportunities are great here, but it doesn’t help if you can’t afford it. Lol!

I’ve been offered a position that pays quite well, but it defeats the purpose if I have to buy a $800,000 house. I’m also well aware of the political atmosphere there. That’s 2 strikes against it. My gut is starting to say no. The money is great, but it seems to be the only positive aspect of the offer. And of course they’re under staffed, and want me to start immediately. It just isn’t that easy for me drag up and move within a week or two!

Sandbrew, I wasn’t aware of those statistics since the fire. It definitely helps explain the difference in cost of living throughout the area.

Thanks again for the feedback! Regardless of if it’s a hunting topic or not, I can always count on Bowsite for opinions that I can trust and mostly reflect my own.

From: bowyer45
If making money is most important to you realize that the driving in the whole east slope is absolutely crazy, along with the worsening liberal thinking. I would not leave Idaho, if at all possible, the hunting opportunities are getting worse here every year. Yah and now we got the wolves here too!

From: azelkhntr
If they want you that bad and its a big company negotiate a per diem rate that will cover the costs of an extended stay facility. Or rent a room from someone. Good luck!

From: pronghorn21
I see you are from Idaho. I would question your sanity moving to a ultra liberal state like Colorado who is about to ban semi automatic rifles. You can bring them here but you'd better bring your receipts and if you don't have a receipt you have to give it away is the way the legislation reads. Im addition, if you buy a Browning BAR hunting rifle and then thread it for a muzzle break it now becomes an illegal gun. We are also about ready to get dumped on with wolves which you know a lot about over in Idaho. Lastly, the pheasant hunting is much better in Idaho.

From: jordanathome
I have lived in Louisville, and Superior, and now in Erie. Louisville is uber expensive for housing. I was renting a 60's era house with a crawl space, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on 1600 sq ft in 2017 for $2200/month with windows the wind blew through and woodpecker holes all over the siding. When we moved the owner sold it in less than a week for over $700K. It was 2 houses from the middle school in the center of town near lots of stuff. There are 100+ year old homes of under 700 sq ft and held together with paint mostly that sell for near that much. Superior is newer and just as spendy. Look to Lafayette or Erie or Longmont. The further east to I 25 the cheaper. Good luck! This is NOT a cheap place to live.

If you can swing $400-600K for a home, there are a good number of them in the Lafayette, Erie, and Longmont area east of Highway 287 over to I 25, both new and used....mostly used in that range. I bought mine in Flatiron Meadows for $500K in 2018, it is worth about $750K now......really nutz I know. But there is ALOT or new construction here and I think most of it is under $700K and there are 10-15 year old homes definitely in the below $700K range. Ft, Lupton is way out there.....Frederick and Firestone are closer and growing along I 25.

From: Jaquomo
Fr. Lupton to Louisville is only a 30 minute drive. It's not a bad little town. Further east of I-25, the less expensive the home prices.

$800K for a house sounds expensive compared to many places. But like Jordan's experience with his home appreciation, if you change your mind you'll be able to sell it to somebody from California in a few years for over a mil.

From: JohnMC
Negotiate with them. If they want you bad enough they might pay you more than they have offered. I have always heard the best time to get a raise is before you start. Another option is would they give you a hiring bonus. Explain the situation to them. You would really like to come work for them but because the cost of living in the area is so high you just can't justify it. Not sure what kind of work you do or the size of company that is after you. But a sizable hiring bonus could off set some or all of the price difference in housing.

If you are seriously considering staying in ID due to cost of living differences, tell them what you would need to make the move. They might laugh at you, but they might get creative too.

One more thing I will add is with all the problems we have in CO. CO actually has lower property taxes than most states.

From: Jaquomo
What part of Idaho? I have a house in North Fort Collins in a great place less than an hour from Louisville, and reluctantly want to get out of this state after living here all my life. Idaho and WY are atop the list. Maybe make a trade? :-)

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