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HB 419
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steve 22-Feb-23
JMG 23-Feb-23
steve 23-Feb-23
JMG 24-Feb-23
From: steve
Anyone here following HB 419, may be interesting

From: JMG
What does it cover/not cover?

From: steve
It makes these outfits that bring frivolous law suits against hunters,trappers, logging etc post a $50,000 bond to file the suit, if they lose they forfeit the bond. As I'm sure most here know that the way it is now the anti's have no skin in the game with their ridiculous law suits, it's a win/win for them either way. I saw this on trappersreport.com. Brought forth by Jed Hinkle / Belgrade. I haven't had time to look at the entire bill, was just curious if anyone here has seen it. Thanx for the response !

From: JMG
That sounds like a good idea to have them post a bond. It would cut down on frivolous lawsuits.

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