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Senate Bill 910
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Lost Arra 28-Feb-23
PushCoArcher 28-Feb-23
EmbryOklahoma 05-Mar-23
Lost Arra 09-Mar-23
Hunter's Granddad 09-Mar-23
BigOk 15-Mar-23
From: Lost Arra

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It looks like Oklahoma may join the few states with a velvet buck season. It seems to be strictly a trophy hunting move for those who want to hunt in August heat. I do like the 90/10 tag distribution.

From: PushCoArcher
Not a big fan of it. Although I'm glad they added the 90/10 into it as my biggest complaint would be NR flocking to get a early deer hunt in. Depending on the allocation 10% could still be a lot of tags. Wish they'd apply 90/10 to the controlled hunts. I'll be sending emails to the appropriate parties letting them know I'm against the season.

This bill is perfect for the early baiters and cell cam crews. Where I hunt and how I hunt, it would be a waste of time. Not for it.

From: Lost Arra
Now there is a bill to allow airguns aka "airbows" in archery season. I sent email to my legislators opposing it.

I'm with Embry. I would say NO

From: BigOk
I would also say No.

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