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South Africa with Dries Visser 2023
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From: bburen

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Anyone interested in hunting South Africa with Dries Visser 2023 Arrival in camp 26 July 2023 Hunt 27 July – 2 August 2023 Depart 3 August 2023 I won this at the Iowa deer classic and have been planning a trip for a few years now and figured this was a sign to go. It was the 7 day hunt. Looking to see if anyone would be interested in the second spot. I have talked with outfitter multiple times this week trying to get dates set, deposit sent. I have a bunch of information I can share with interested person


From: ahunter76
HMMM. My adult G-son won one of these from a different outfitter at a Ducks Unlimited thing in Illinois. He has 5 years to decide his dates, $1000 credit. He pays airfare & trophy fees of animals he decides to take. Is this something new to African outfitters? Seems the only thing won is the daily food, lodging & a few other things. Still a reduced cost but not free & still costly.

From: bburen
Agree not free but still a savings from quote I received a couple years ago. I saw 2 outfitters at Iowa deer classic doing similar prizes. Cost of hunts stateside/canada are also expensive.

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