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RMEF banquet
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PushCoArcher 16-Mar-23
Ok...Russ 17-Mar-23
Ok...Russ 20-Mar-23
From: PushCoArcher
Anyone else going to the banquet at Coal creek winery in Tuttle on the 1st?

From: Ok...Russ
WHAT?? I could walk there from my house. I think last time something like that it was sponsored by a group that brought in someone from an outdoor group. Can't recall if RMEF.

From: Ok...Russ
Since I'm not a member, don't think I'll shell out $70 for a meal and supporting membership. If you do plan on going, I'd meet up before or after to put a face to a name. TICKETS Price Quantity Single Ticket meal & 1 Supporting membership $70.00

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