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MT. hunters are getting the shaft
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From: sbschindler
Do Mt. hunters know how bad they are getting treated in this legislative session. wake up

From: SmokedTrout
HB 635 is an abomination. What other bills are you talking about?

From: ultimag
How are we getting treated badly? I think residents have made out really well , The non residence are the ones takeing it hard in the back door

From: SmokedTrout

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Gianforte ups the ante to 3 elk licenses on HB 635, but requires three years of ownership before a nonresident landowner is eligible. I hate this bill, it does nothing to reduce pressure or open up more land.

From: ultimag
It wasn't desighned to do eithier

From: sbschindler
It was advertised to do both, but I agree its not wht it was designed to do but some bought into it

From: JMG
The "good ole boys" network at work (as usual). Just a reminder that we are not or were ever in charge. Money is "King". The all might dollar wins again.

From: Bent arrow
Big money gets big things

From: SmokedTrout
Well the house failed to pass the bill with Gianforte's amendments. Not sure what is next, but I am emailing my Rep to please kill this thing in any form.

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