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Moose 161
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Wyuterp7 08-Aug-23
bowyer45 08-Aug-23
cnelk 09-Aug-23
From: Wyuterp7
The bank notified me that my CC got hit for a Moose tag the morning of May 30 this year. The unbelievable excitement was still a bit overshadowed by the wonder of who actually drew the tag. See, both of my sons and myself used the same card to enter the draw. After what seemed like an eternity, CPW followed up several hours later with the actual result. Turns out my younger son (20) drew the tag. Bull Moose season choice unit 161. We are familiar with most of North Park having spent countless days, weekends, weeks, etc fishing, hunting, and camping there for 3 generations now. But, this being a moose tag, once in lifetime, I thought I would reach out to the Bowsite community for any helpful info. We have made 3 weekend trips so far scouting and have located some moose, nothing to write home about yet, but nonetheless enjoying the process. We appreciate any helpful info/advice and will return the favor if at all possible. Thanks in advance, and we wish everyone has a great season this year.

From: bowyer45
Big Creek lake area was good. Not sure now after the fires. Saw some dandies there.

From: cnelk
Here's a short video of a a couple bull moose in 161 a couple years ago.

If you want to know the location, it will cost you

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