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Resident License
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From: goelk
strange thing happen today. Went to a Cabela's to purchase a OTC Archery Elk license and the guy ask how long I've been a resident of Colorado . Told him since 1954 but my driver license said it was issued in May 2023. I explain to the guy I was born in Colorado in June 1954 and lived here all my life. I explain my driver license expire in June 2023 and i renewed. I was told that didn't matter cause my driver license say May 2023. Long story short I talked with Manager and got my license and was handed a piece of paper explaining resident requirement. According to the paper i have to showed prove i live here. Stupid Did anyone else had this problem

From: Doughboy
No paperwork needed to prove which bathroom you belong in.

From: SlipShot
WOW, that is crazy!!

From: KHunter
Simple fix. Buy online yourself. When it asks "residency since" say whatever 1954 or any qualifying does not matter, just put in something and the tag will be mailed.

AS for buying at a vendor or at CPW in person the rules are also straightforward albeit more effort:

If your Colorado State Driver License or Colorado State Identification card was issued or renewed less than six months: You must provide additional documentation of at least two sources from this list to prove that you have been a resident for the required six months. For example, if you are using your phone bill as part of your proof, you must provide a phone bill from each of the past six months plus at least one other item from this list that would reflect residency of the last six consecutive months.

Acceptable documentation: Income Sources (Pay stubs, Social Security check stubs) Utility Bills (phone, electric, gas, cable, etc.) State Income Tax Documents (as full time resident) Leasehold - Lease Agreements - Rent Receipts Motor Vehicle Registration Voter Registration Card

All spelled out here:

From: tradi-doerr
Or... use an old license as part of your proof of residency

From: KHunter
"old license' is not on the list but if they accept it I gues sit would work. I would not show up at a vendor with only that in this situation. I would buy online and skip 100 percent of the hassle. What seems odd is the loophole of buying online with zero proof but needing it if in person?

From: Bowaddict
Renewed my DL in June, I forgot about people having issues with this when I went to get OTC pronghorn. Just gave them my current small game/fishing license and had no problems.

From: kscowboy
Interesting to hear they were sticklers. Back in 2014, I applied as a NR in the draws that year but had residency by the time 3rd season rifle rolled around. I wasn't going to chance getting flagged in the system as a NR, so I went to the DOW office in Denver and gave them a paper trail that proved my new residency and bought my elk license. The next day, I hammered a 6x6 on the morning of the opener:).

He looked at the wrong thing. The first two digits of you license number is the year it was first issued.

From: pronghorn21
I just double checked my license and you're correct Colorado Hunter first two digits of my driver's license say 06 and that's the year I moved to Colorado

From: goelk
My first 2 numbers are 94 and i got my first drivers license 1970 in Colorado Born and raised in Colorado

From: TRnCO
my first two digits are 95 and I moved to Colo. in 1987, which is when I also got my first Colo. drivers license.

From: Serrano
I came here in 99 and my first digits are 99.

From: rickepanton
I understand your frustration with the situation at Cabela's. It's odd how a small detail like the driver's license issuance date can cause such confusion, especially when you've been a Colorado resident for so long.I'm glad to hear that you were able to speak with the manager and get it sorted out. These bureaucratic issues can be quite perplexing at times.If anyone else has faced a similar problem, it might be worth checking out this link for more information and resources related to driver's licenses and residency requirements.

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