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Montana Missouri Breaks
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Triax 06-Sep-23
JMG 07-Sep-23
hoyt-6190 09-Sep-23
From: Triax
Looking for any info on hunting down the river on the Missouri Breaks. Looking to go right before Rifle season comes in. Good place to put in and take out? Hows the weather then? Any other info that would be helpful would be appreciated. Thanks Mike

From: JMG
There are a few locations to put in a boat (James Kipp State Park - Southside of River, Rock Creek Boat Ramp - Northside of the River, Mouth of Carroll Coulee, the end of Road 316, and Crooked Creek Boad Ramp at the mouth of the Mussellshell River). The "boat ramps" at the mouth of Carroll Coulee and end of Road 316 are just dirt "ramps" and can get a little "interesting" putting in and taking out. The weather varies; it could be thunderstorms, rain, or cold enough to freeze (frost). It could still be in the 90's. You'll just have to do an extended look at the weather for this area before you come. Good luck.

From: hoyt-6190
You won’t be putting in at crooked creek. Ramp is a large distance from lake. Last fall I was told the lake was a mile from the ramp.

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