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Help me burn 25 elk points
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BTM 22-Sep-23
Mathewsphone 22-Sep-23
BTM 23-Sep-23
JohnMC 23-Sep-23
Glunt@work 23-Sep-23
Glunker 23-Sep-23
BTM 23-Sep-23
Quinn @work 24-Sep-23
MichaelArnette 25-Sep-23
Brun 29-Sep-23
From: BTM
I'd love to continue DIY hunting, but unfortunately Father Time also gets a vote. It's gotten to the point that even if I manage to put a bull on the ground, I probably won't be able to pack it out quickly enough to avoid losing some of the meat -- especially during the warm weather of late August and early September. Therefore, like it or not, I'll probably need to go guided. I'd appreciate any suggestions for an outfitter in a unit that requires a non-resident to have 25 points (or close to it). I can still walk fairly well, but steep mountains and/or horses are out. I'd prefer to use a bow, but will consider a rifle outfit. TIA!

From: Mathewsphone
You live in wyo?

From: BTM
Mathew: Yes. In fact, I killed a raghorn here a few weeks ago. Packing out 160# of meat (plus gear) on a warm day was a big wake-up call. I realized I'd better quit hunting solo before I got into that situation again.

From: JohnMC
Sounds like you managed to pack it out though. Use the motivation of a big tag you waited 25 years to get to bust your ass getting in best shape you can for next 12 months. Give it one more go at it. You could also looking at having a service to pack out ready to go.

You really have about 3 choice in units. 61, 76 or 40 if you don't want to leave a lot of points on table. I would go with 61.

From: Glunt@work
Maybe unit 40

From: Glunker
61 is way easier to pack an elk out as long as they don't run a mile back in after you shoot them.

From: BTM
Thanks for the tips so far, gents. As far as 61, I bowhunted deer there in 2007 and 2020 and was really hoping to chase elk there in a year or two when I had enough points. However, like I mentioned in the original post, with my declining strength/energy levels, I just can't do a DIY hunt there. (As Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations.") I've gotten to the stage in life that I need to write a check instead of doing it myself, which is why I'm looking for outfitter references.

From: Quinn @work
I completely understand where you're coming from. As you get older there are some things that don't hurt to spend some of the cash you've been saving all your life for. I hope you have a great hunt.

My only suggestion:

JohnMC is right on the units you can draw now.

You have more than too many points for Unit 40 but I wouldn't hesitate to contact 2V outfitters. It's pricey, but the private ground and bulls they have is unreal. I hunted a property next to some of there's and met the outfitter. The numbers of big bulls and non stop bugling was insane. They have a lot of great ground.

I've also hunted 61 3 times and it was great, but unit 40 good private is definitely better for upper end bulls.

Go have fun!

Unit 76 muzzleloader you should be able to pull with 25, takes about 18 for archery. Unit 61 should not be overlooked either

From: Brun
Take a look at Forrestbows post on the big game forum elk thread. It's a no brainer if you have the points(which you do) and the money for a guided hunt. If I was in your place I'd be booking a guided hunt in 40 without a second thought.

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