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Youth Extended Season PSA
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Glunt@work 14-Oct-23
Bowman 21-Feb-24
Paul@thefort 21-Feb-24
VickiMullins 28-Feb-24
From: Glunt@work
If anyone is converting their kids either sex archery tag into a rifle cow tag for the youth extended season, might want to go to a main office or do the online process. My son (17) just tried at the Boyd Lake office and they had no idea what to do. He showed them the regs but no luck. I have had them done there in past but today's staff couldn't handle it.

Edit* Just did the online process. Looks sorta thrown together but easy enough. Basically fill out the request and you are converted. Need to keep a copy of the filled out request with you.

From: Bowman
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From: Paul@thefort
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From: VickiMullins
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