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Who recommend to do a Bison Euro
South Dakota
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Huntcell 18-Oct-23
Brotsky 19-Oct-23
bghunter 21-Oct-23
Huntcell 01-Nov-23
Griz34 07-Nov-23
From: Huntcell
Do you know anyone that does Bison Euro [clean and whiten skull]? boil or beetles does not matter. what about a taxidermist that does shoulder mounts?

Thanks! Doug

Drew a tag for Custer Trophy Bull Bison hunt in Dec..

From: Brotsky
Doug, there's some good ones out that way. Valley View Taxidermy in Spearfish does a nice job.

From: bghunter

I see your from WI check out Northwoods taxidermy, in SE WI. They have done all my stuff from Africa to New Zealand and all in between.

Matter of fact he had a post on their Instagram page not to long ago of a bison they did.

Good luck. One day I will put in for that tag lol.

From: Huntcell
see David Hale of Whitewood South Dakota on some sites anyone here have anything done by him?

From: Griz34

Griz34's Link
Hopefully this works. Take a look at Schardin Skulls. He has beetles. My nephew has an elk at his shop right now.

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