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Ugh, encroachment
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From: Brian M.
Been hunting one of my properties for 20 years, bow only mostly, but have taken a few with ML. Property manager (for lack of a better word) texted me this morning and said a local guy wants to bow hunt the property and is it OK with me? The owners are easy going and OK with it. I take care of all their wildlife issues in exchange for permission, a deal we made 20 years ago. My response wasn't how I felt of course. "Not my property, not my call. Thanks for asking ". So, half way through the season I'll have some guy traipsing around, scouting, putting up cameras and stands, and over hunting the wrong winds until he figures it out. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, my sanctuary is being invaded.

So, how was your day?

From: Big Dog
Sometimes you have to let your feelings be known to the landowner you've known for 20 yrs,. I had the same issue and when I explained how it would impact my hunting etc the landowner didn't give the guy permission. Sorry you have to deal with another hunter.

Why not find out who he is and make a partner?

From: Woodsnut
Indeed introduce yourself. Perhaps it work out for best. - I had something similar happened as well.

From: Bwhnt
Sorry to hear that it's a bad feeling. But maybe if you guys work together it will open up a new place for you in the future. Wishful thinking I know. I've lost several great spots over the years and treasure those memories

From: Tall 1
I had the same thing happen before on a pretty small property. I had a nice 8 pointer there on camera several times and the new kid, driving in his white BMW, wounded it and did not recover him. Then he hunted his stand everyday I went there and I just gave up the spot that season.

From: nehunter
That's very hard to swallow. It's tough to get excited to go hunt there anymore.

Exactly same situation a few years ago.

"Pool Guy" asked for permission and of course owner said yes

Then a few weeks later the landowner asked how's the hunting going.

He's a fly fisherman so I explained it so he could understand the situation.

Imagine hitting that special private back eddy/pool on the river every Saturday morning then you realize another guy has been casting in it all week long.

The next day he told the Pool guy that he can't hunt till it's okay with me.

Best of luck

From: Brian M.
I'll see how it plays out. The property is big enough, but only one way in. This happened a few years ago, but the maintenance guys reminded the owners what I do for them and that put an end to it. We'll see if they remember that. It would be purely selfish for me to tell them no, on property that's not mine. Hopefully he's a decent guy and we can work something out.

From: longbeard
Sorry to hear this Brian. We’ve all dealt with it and only time will tell how it plays out. I’ve walked away from properties in the past and I’ve dug my heals in to stand my ground also. I hope it works out for you. Sometime, as they say, when one door closes, another door opens. Let’s hope this is one of those times for you. Good luck

From: air leak
I applaud you for not saying anything to the owner. It's tough enough to ask permission and receive it.

I have been on both sides of this situation. It's not my property, I don't feel that it is my place to tell a landowner who he or she can allow to hunt.

My sons and I have been turkey hunting one spot for 20 years. Over that time, 3-4 other guys have hunted it in different years. We have only seen someone a couple of times.

A dozen years ago, I asked and received permission on 68 acres. The landowner was extremely helpful in telling me where to park, where he sees bucks, etc..

One week later, after the owner talked to the one other guy that hunts it, BTW, this other guy lives 2 hours from this place and "rarely hunts" according to the owner...

And I got the boot..

I'm still aggravated when I think of that.

From: N8tureBoy
I have been on the other side of the equation when a landowner invited me to hunt on his property. He already had another guy hunting there. I introduced myself to the other guy, exchanged cell numbers, kept to the other side away from his stand and if I pulled in and saw his truck I turned around and drove to my other spot. Offered to help him drag if ever needed. Tried to treat him how I would want to be treated.

Hopefully the new guy on your property is willing to work with you

From: Pat Lefemine
My property owner of 20 years called and asked the same question a couple years back. I told them I didn’t think it was a good idea. Further explaining that not everyone will respect the neighbors’s boundaries, or will let check with them every time they plan to hunt, or is proficient enough to make quick ethical kills. I also told them that if he did something wrong, I didn’t want to be blamed for it.

Told them it was entirely their decision and if they wanted him to hunt I would come down and pick up my stands and cameras.

They called him back and told him they were happy with the current hunter (me) then declined his permission request.

From: Big Dog

From: steve
I had a spot for over 20 years . people knock and ask all the time, she tells them she is very happy with the 2 hunters she has. this year the property was sold , she put in a good word to the new owner and we where able to get it again. Doesn’t alway work like that.

From: Toonces
Happened once to me. I just gave up the spot. Nice property, just not worth the hassle.

From: Gene
I had a great property (35 acres) that my hunting partner and I had for several years. The owner was a personal friend of mine and never gave permission to anyone else. When they sold the place , they introduced me to the new owner , and the new owner agreed with our long standing agreement - only me and my partner. First thing you know, we have 2 clowns (best description I can give them) tromping all over hanging stands, coming in making a racket etc, etc. The new owners gave the new lawn guys permission ! We couldn't deal with it and gave that property up. Too bad as it was one of those places where when you went there, you know that you were going to see deer.

From: Blood
I had a PRIMO piece of property for about 5 years. I tagged 6 bucks and a few does off the land. Two other adults and one of their sons also hunted there. They were gun hunters and we didn’t overlap (you couldn’t hunt bow during rifle on private back then).

One day one of the guys was waiting for me at my truck when I got out of the woods in the morning. Told me to stay off “his side” of the property and stop killing all the bucks and does (they are bait) before rifle. Lmfao.

I didn’t go back after that. It wasn’t worth it to put up with a bunch of made-up BS and having to look over my shoulder.

From: longbeard
I just lost a spot this year that I have been hunting since 1988. I’ve gone through multiple owners through the years and each time over time each new landowner learned to trust me and have actually asked me to watch the property while they were away, clean the pool, feed their cats, collect their mail, etc. In 2022 the place was sold again and I finally ran into the anti hunter wife that wouldn’t acquiesce to my request. This place was a staple in my yearly hunting life. It had plenty of deer and turkeys which made it worse when I got turned away. It was definitely like losing my own property when it happened. Unfortunately we are big boys and we have to move on.

From: Big Dog
LB, sorry to hear that.

From: Dr. Deer
I have considered myself "chased out" of a couple of decade old permissions. If the new hunters are slamming them, it's hard to have confidence in a variably molested spot. That being said, I do enjoy hunting with a small group of my fellows in a dozen or so stands and we communicate about who is where when. Nice to have someone to help drag as well. I am the oldest in the clan.

From: Brian M.
Glad you brought this back up Dr Deer. I haven't heard of any confirmation of the other guy hunting the property, and haven't seen any signs of anyone. It's been my best spot this season. I've seen deer almost every time out and shot my second bow doe there.

Just a thought, but if any of you Big Buck guys know of properties where you’ve given up because there are other guys hunting there and the property owners just want them all gone…. I probably know a guy…. ;)


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