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A website to find out where to hunt.
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ColoradoStateHunt 19-Oct-23
Mathewsphone 19-Oct-23
Paul@thefort 20-Oct-23
Aspen Ghost 20-Oct-23
sticksender 02-Nov-23
Jaquomo 02-Nov-23
JohnMC 07-Nov-23

ColoradoStateHunt's Link
I created a website to help hunters find a place to hunt on State Wildlife Areas and I wanted feedback. What do you all think?

From: Mathewsphone
Don't work

From: Paul@thefort
Not a fan. I enjoy doing my own scouting, planning, and then execute.

From: Aspen Ghost
I cant seem to find the SWA called "404 - File or directory not found." Where is that?

But you do know about CPW's Hunt Atlas right? Sounds like you are creating something that already exists.

From: sticksender

sticksender's Link
Here's his site. He left off a piece of the link.

From: Jaquomo
I definitely see some value here. One thing you should clarify, however, is that the "success rate" for individual SWAs is not accurate by any means. CPW has absolutely no idea of the success rate in any SWA, or any unit, for that matter.

From: JohnMC
You probably will ruin a lot of people spot they worked hard to find by trial and error. Because they stumbled on it on the internet

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