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Bedlam winner
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Canepole 31-Oct-23
Ok...Russ 02-Nov-23
Lost Arra 02-Nov-23
EmbryOklahoma 02-Nov-23
SoDakSooner 03-Nov-23
From: Canepole
Well this may be the last Bedlam football game for years. I was curious what you guys thought about how the game would end? Saturday is too late to post your prediction.

I'm thinking O. St. 35 - O.U. 24

From: Ok...Russ
Man, I'd LOVE to see OSU win but I just don't have faith in my Pokes to get it done. OU puts up more points but also gives up more points. I'm going to go with reverse psychology and say OU 42 - OSU 35 then hope I'm wrong!

From: Lost Arra
The upset by Kansas over OU could not have come at a worse time for OSU. OU 42-24

I feel the lack of a running QB will be the demise of OSU. OU does horrible against running QBs. On the other hand, can OU stop Gordon? We shall see. I am an OU fan and grew up in Norman. It will be fun to watch regardless. May the best team win. One thing to remember, that many forget… these are still 18-22 year old young men playing a sport.

From: SoDakSooner
OU has been ok against straight up runners. I agree that when a running qb is in the mix it is harder. They should be able to stack the box and pressure the QB and stop the run. For OU, Lebby needs to open it up more. The game plan against KU was WAAAAYYY too conservative. Should be a good game. Anyone could win. Im a huge OU fan and alumnus, so that is where I am rooting of course, but should be a fun game. At least we should keep playing in the other sports.

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