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Follow up, wolves kill sheep in Colorado
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Paul@thefort 30-Nov-23
samman 01-Dec-23
From: Paul@thefort
No doubt that will happen as sheep will be easy to kill and most likely wolves might kill more at one time and not eat them all as been shown in other places.

Here is some of data, 2022, from the CPW concerning sheep killed by other predicators and the amount of money from the Game Cash Fund, (hunting and fishing license fee) that is paid to the rancher. I might expect this payment takes place most years.

May 2022, Sheep by bear-----$29, 624, 61

Sheep by Bear/Lion------------$36, 707, 57

and in addition, Field Corn by elk, $25, 960.42

No doubt, once the wolf packs get established here in Colorado, the amount paid out for sheep killed, will surely increase and then add in cattle, working dogs. Wolf predation payout will come from the Colorado General Fund and not from Game Cash but we still pay for it.

From: samman
We will pay for it in more than one way.

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