Vension Stew
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deerstalker 05-Dec-23
Big Dog 05-Dec-23
Tall 1 05-Dec-23
Blood 05-Dec-23
nehunter 05-Dec-23
Big Dog 06-Dec-23
Woodsnut 06-Dec-23
From: deerstalker
My wife made a fantastic venison stew with carrots, onions, green beans, and potatoes with a great brown gravy. I had it with a great crusty bread and it was heaven. I used the neck meat which is often overlooked but great meat. Washed it down with some good red wine and life is good.

From: Big Dog
deerstalker, sounds fantastic. Neck or shanks also excellent slow cooked in crockpot. Enjoy

From: Tall 1
Sounds awesome!!

From: Blood
I love venison stew. It’s one of the few ways I enjoy eating venison. Great for cold snowy days in the winter.

From: nehunter
Neck meat makes the best stews. I think it's all the fat? You just made me thaw one out for the weekend!

Thanks deerstalker

From: Big Dog
Blood, few ?

From: Woodsnut
Can’t beat a venison stew, but partial to venison meatloaf. Plus makes good sandwich. Hard to that with stew lol

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