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Anyone have any good archery shop recommendations in CT? I’m thinking of upgrading some gear when the season ends but so far I’ve only used Bass Pro (hit or miss depending on who is working) and Extreme Archery on Mamaroneck (not great experiences). I’m in Stamford so not a ton of options nearby.

From: nehunter

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If you want a "Hunting" type of archery shop then take a ride and visit Barry at Newbury Archery in Goshen.

Beautiful ride and see the big woods of NW CT

There’s Flying Arrow sports over in New York

From: Dank
Andover archery small shop out of the guys house and nice 3d shoot to. Guy is very good . Not the closest to you tho.

From: Notme

From: Ace
You can't go wrong with either Barry at Newbury in Goshen or Flying Arrow. I'd tend to favor Newbury as you'll likely get more personalized service. Barry will sell you what you can afford and what you need, he's not one to upsell you or over promise.

From: Toonces
It's a long drive from Stamford, but I would recommend Newbury. If you go, call ahead and make sure he is going to be open to not waste the trip.

Isn’t there a shop up around Brewster? (Maybe that’s Flying Arrow?). And whatever happened to Hall’s?

From: Rackem
I agree, Newbury. Barry is not out to just make a buck. He is a class act. I don't mind the drive knowing I'm not going to get overpriced.

From: Big Dog
Newbury for knowledgeable and honest. Worth the ride

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