Trivial Question: Wash/Dry Camo Clothes
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JMG 11-Dec-23
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Bowhunter81 12-Dec-23
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Insheart 07-Jan-24
From: JMG
1) When washing your camo clothes; what product do you prefer/use?

2) When drying your camo clothes; what product do you prefer/use? (My camo clothes almost always come out of the drier with a lot of static, do you use a fabric softener (an unscented one, if one exists). My wife recently purchased "wool balls" to throw in the dryer that helps a lot with reducing the static electricity).

3) What other products do you use, if any (UV "killer" spray, etc.)?

From: Bowhunter81
I use All Free and Clear. Really no specific reason other than it sounds better than using regular detergent. That’s just for my hunting clothing. I don’t typically wash my external layers but once a year (end of season) unless they get bloody or extremely dirty. That’s mainly for longevity reasons. My close to skin layers get washed as needed. I don’t use the dryer for my hunting clothes. Hang them to air dry. I use a lot of merino wool products in addition to not wanting any of my hunting clothing to possibly shrink. I don’t use any other products other than the occasional cover scent/killer on boots.

From: Bowhunter81

From: sbschindler
I also use all free and clear been using it 10 plus years seems to work well

From: Insheart
Free and clear here also. I NEVER wash my hunting clothes in hot water - always cold, double rinse, hang to dry - never put in dryer.

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