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soapdish 31-Dec-23
Notme 31-Dec-23
Big Dog 03-Jan-24
Tall 1 03-Jan-24
From: soapdish
So I went out yesterday afternoon with the ML trying to get one more deer. I said hi to the farmer as I get out of my truck. She tells me how delicious the tenderloin was that I gave them. I make my way through the cow pasture and stop to take a leak behind some farm equipment. I look at the first hayfield and said to myself, how cool would it be to see a deer in the field and get a stalk on it. Sure enough...I see one. So I'm in a small field with a hedgerow between myself and the deer. It's facing away from me feeding with the wind in my face. I line myself up with some trees between us and start my stalk. As I'm closing the distance and watching my every step....wet cow pies...I see another deer on the edge of the hedge. I get noticed but not busted. I continue my trek trying to stay in line with the trees and out of sight. I just wanted to make it to a tree to help steady my shot. I make to the tree....the one on the edge is now pretty alert to my presence at 20 yards. I rest my gun against the tree.... cross hair lining up on the deer in the field....clouds break and the sun blinded me in the scope. Hedge deer bounds off taking the other one along. Good times.

From: Notme
Sounds like a blast..lol

From: Big Dog
soap, nice encounter

From: Tall 1
So close….that sounds super exciting!

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