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Need a new release, opinions?
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From: Legolas
Ok now that the season is over I want to upgrade my 10yr old tru-fire caliper release. It works fine, but getting worn. Looking for some insight ( I know it’s personal preference) but what are you guys using? Any particular reason other than habit? I do like wrist strap but open to changing it up in the off season. Thanks for the input!

From: murphy3142
I got a tru ball rave last Summer. I've been loving it

Try out B3. They have lots of wrist strap and handheld releases

From: Dank
Spot hog wise guy. They offer it in a boa and a strap

From: Buckndoe
I like a thumb trigger cause I can set it on the d loop and it’s ready when I need to shoot. I have a Carter chocolate lite. I had a carter 2 shot wrist strap for a while

From: Coondog
I’ve switched releases every year for the past three years. Nock 2 It, Ultraview Hinge 2, Ultraview Button, and now a Carter Whisper 2. Seems as though I’m shooting the Whisper 2 the best; groups tightened up substantially. Might actually stick with it for a while now.

From: nehunter
I waited 10 years too. I changed because I almost broke my nose when the pin inside let go.

From: longbeard
As far as name brand, I’ve always been a big fan of Scott releases. I’ve always used the post model, but there are so many options out there from thumb release to back tension and trigger releases

From: billymac
I would also recommend the spot hog wise guy.

I shoot a Carte RX1 but I use my middle finger to trigger it. Less likely to punch it than if I use my index finger. It is a quality release with a crisp trigger.



Jerry Leblanc's embedded Photo
Jerry Leblanc's embedded Photo

From: Big Dog

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