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North, Central Missouri
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8-up 04-Feb-24
elkmo 24-Apr-24
From: 8-up
Hello fellow, bowhunters. I have been an avid trophy hunter for 35+ years. I’ve hunted everywhere from Northern Missouri, southern, Iowa, Western, Illinois, and southern Missouri. I’ve never hunted North Central around Howard County, Boone county, and Randolph county. I was just curious how is the hunting in that area for quality Whitetail? I hear the numbers are strong. I think I have found some permission in North eastern Howard county and was just curious. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From: elkmo
Your neighbors mean everything with rifle season in rut. On cam one 150” buck in 3 years on 200 acres, cajuns hunt 400 next to us. Relative on 80 acres 5 miles away has taken 4 over 150” in five years.

Missouri has drained alot of my time and money over the years with rifle rut season. Bought land in another state, whole different age structure. Wish done it decades ago.

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