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HOWL requesting another round of emails
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Stix 07-Mar-24
Treeline 07-Mar-24
Bow Bullet 13-Mar-24
Orion 13-Mar-24
pronghorn21 13-Mar-24
Hondolane 14-Mar-24
Orion 14-Mar-24
samman 14-Mar-24
tradi-doerr 14-Mar-24
From: Stix

Stix's Link
HOWL is requesting another round of emails from residents regarding opposition to the wildlife commissioners nominees. The anti hunting groups are spreading emails that the previous emails are bot/ai generated and not real. Please edit the pre formed email to indicate that you are a real resident, not a bot.

From: Treeline

From: Bow Bullet

Bow Bullet's Link
Another spit in the face of hunters and anglers by Polis and his cronies.

From: Orion
Ziek where you at buddy? You still think voting for Polis was good for hunters and hunting?

From: pronghorn21
I signed it again and for the record I did not vote for the governor and his Husband. Always a bad idea to vote for Democrats

From: Hondolane
Oh Ziek will say it’s trumps fault anyway..

From: Orion
He has definitely disappeared from these threads maybe his TDS has him bed ridden.

From: samman
Now that Polis knows his appointees will win regardless of what the masses think and tell their reps, look out for a worse replacement for Skiba.

From: tradi-doerr
This^^^^ Polis will find another to take Skiba place, or convince him to step up again. Polis I'm sure made many phone call to his minions to vote them in, maybe even playing it a close vote to keep it from looking to much like (tyranny) an attack by anti's.

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