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Right to hunt & fish
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samman 08-Mar-24
Orion 08-Mar-24
johndoe 19-Jun-24
Longcruise 20-Jun-24
Jaquomo 22-Jun-24
From: samman

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Does Colorado have the right to hunt & fish as part of the constitution or law? I found this on the Congressional Sportsmans Foundation, but not sure what it really means. With this, or if needed, getting a bill passed, be able to fight a ban on mountain lion hunting? There is the caucus for several counties tomorrow where something could be introduced if it's not already on the books.

From: Orion
We don't have one, it has been tried but has never gotten to the ballot. With our current demographic and government leadership we will never get one unfortunately

From: johndoe
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From: Longcruise
I have a friend who meticulously included it in his wedding vows. :^)

From: Jaquomo
That is a feel good "right: with no value. If we can hunt rabbits and fish for carp, the Amendment would be satisfied. None of those state with that "right" specify what can be hunted, or how and when, and nothing would preclude a ban on lion hunting by citizen referendum.

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