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From: Paul@thefort
sTATE OF TENN: HB 2263 / SB 2039 requires Fish and Wildlife Commission appointees to be actively involved in activities regulated by the commission, including hunting, angling, trapping, and boating. The bill does not stop there it also states that the commission and the agency shall support and promote hunting, angling, and trapping, including the management of predators through hunting and trapping, as preferred methods of wildlife management and conservation. Still needs to be passed.

From: samman
Oh to be Tennessee. Wouldn't stand a chance here. Even if it got to the Governor he would kill it.

From: Jaquomo
Pretty sure Nevada has a similar requirement already, and the ARAs are whining that their Commission is too heavily weighted toward hunters and fishermen. Then we have the garbage in Colorado. The resumes of our Commissioners are sickening.

From: bowyer45
I agree with what is said above and add that people in charge of any situation, should be the most knowledgeable people in that situation. Be it energy, economics, military, or wildlife management. If this is not adhered to, obviously things won't progress to the best possible outcome. Common sense, I think??? common sense also takes into itself experience, past history,, and it's lessons. Science is drawing a conclusion based on past experiments and results. We are wrong in choosing our leaders as well as our look at what they call science. How can this ever work???

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