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2024 last year for non res archery elk?
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elkster 27-Mar-24
Aspen Ghost 27-Mar-24
elkster 27-Mar-24
GDx 27-Mar-24
Grasshopper 27-Mar-24
Glunt@work 28-Mar-24
Keepitreal 28-Mar-24
Bent arrow 29-Mar-24
From: elkster
Is 2024 final year for archery elk non res OTC?

From: Aspen Ghost

From: elkster

From: GDx
does that mean the death of outfitters? less NR tags = less NR hunters = less need for outfitters?

From: Grasshopper
NR OTC may go away, but you guys are crazy if you think there won't be an insane number of nonresident elk licenses available, greed is way to prevalent here, that ain't changing, ever. Fact.

From: Glunt@work
There won't be any significant reduction in NR elk tags. The woods won't seem any less "crowded".

From: Keepitreal
Only 10% less tags so they say. Just means 9 guys in line to call home at the KOA payphone booth instead of 10....Oh wait, that was 25 years ago. Nothing changes. Outfitters will still have camps booked 2- 3 years out. There's over 11 million whitetail hunters east of here, they kill 3 million buck deer alone annually and 3 out of 5 of them will come "out west" to hunt elk at some point and probably won't bat an eye at a qualifying license rule to get here.

From: Bent arrow
Look at the southern units they turned in to draw units. They gave out as many tags as they sold over the counter. They ain't goin to loose money. They put sugar on it but it's stlll bitter.

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